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by Joachim Jablon, a.k.a ewjoachim

Get your finest top hat and dive into the rabbit hole with me for a magic trick like only the best snakes can do: create Python modules out of thin air. We’ll import Python modules that don’t exist and yet, Presto, here they are.

Twidi and I dive into the challenges that arise when a Django project starts to become huge. This talk was presented at DjangoCon Europe 2019 in Copenhagen.

One year after our PyconFR packaging talk, we sat down again with Twidi, and wonder what other aspect of tooling would be worth a talk. We couldn’t decide, so we did them all :D

A talk (in French) at DjangoCong (a.k.a DjangoCon France) 2018 in Lille, about a whole new direction to go with Django migrations. Meet Django-North, and your migrations won’t go south!

I felt that the packaging talk I told you about could be expanded and improved, so with the help of the original writter, Twidi, we did so.

I gave another talk at my local Python meetup about Python packaging, and how to do it properly in 2017.

I gave a talk at my local Python meetup about the diversity of Open Source contributions.

The full story behind the talk I gave tonight at the Paris Python Meetup on Python 3.6

Hello folks !

This article is part of a series on Django Readonly Field. Here, we see how it works.

Django Readonly Field is a tiny Django library to make sure Django never tries to write certain model fields. and the introduction to the series of articles.

Raincoat has you covered when you can’t stay DRY.

So I complety reworked the design of my Jekyll code posts to extract them completely from Jupyter notebooks.

I posted the following code on a tweet today and subsequently had a very interesting talk answering questions about this, which I’ll sumarize here. There might also be new material, too.

I gave a talk about DST, Time Zones, and other attrocities, and how they interract with Python.