A talk (in French) at DjangoCong (a.k.a DjangoCon France) 2018 in Lille, about a whole new direction to go with Django migrations. Meet Django-North, and your migrations won’t go south!

DjangoCong was a success! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to organize this year’s conference in my (current) home town, Lille. We put some serious effort into making this welcoming and inclusive, and even if we still have a long way to go, I was really happy to see a lot of new faces, a lot of old faces, and most of all, a lot of face who want to come back next year for more!

Also, because I’m kinda crazy, I submitted a proposal for a talk and I was accepted (… ok, partly by myself, but for my defense we accepted every proposal). This talk was based on an unpublished (as of today) 3-part blog article I’ve prepared for my employer tech blog. At the time of the proposal, I had written the first part and was about to start preparing the 2 other parts with my colleagues. Currently, we’re still there, but since the talk is now written and public, I guess the blog articles should be easier to write :)

Now, to the talk itself. I’m talking about a way to rethink ownership on your database migrations by having Database Admins (DBAs, database experts whose job, craft and passion are aligned towards making postgres and other databases a better place) write them with you. This is, literally, a story that let us sleep at night!

The slides in French:

The video in French:

As usual, I’ll publish the slides in English if I get to do this talk in an international context, or if you ask me kindly on Twitter.

Also, a better video might exist at some point, and I’ll update this.

Finally, I’ll add the blog article from my employer’s tech blog once it’s published.

See ya!